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Tiempo De Juego is the official app for the radio show Tiempo De Juego, heir to the sports classic Carousel, starring all the main sports radio stars in Spain.

Thanks to this official app, you can listen to the radio directly on your Android and also activate a feature by which the show can play at the same time as the match you are watching. You just have to choose the delay time, no matter whether it's two seconds or 20, and sync the image and audio.

The best thing about the official app for Tiempo De Juego is that it includes a lot of additional content. You can access recordings of older shows, from up to 15 years ago, and even videos of the programs. You can also use score alerts, real time news, and much more.

Tiempo De Juego is an excellent official app. It's absolutely essential for those who love this radio show, and a real treasure for sports fans, especially if they love soccer.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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